Laptop data recovery service

Laptop data recovery services are another group of services for devices that need data recovery. Like any other portable device, they are exposed to conditions far beyond home use. Laptops are designed to withstand mobile use, but cheaper models are pretty much disposables. Some are being backup to a cloud, some are not. Obviously many […]

Portable HDD data recovery services

Portable drives are very popular. Small size, big capacity, no external power supply. Very convenient to carry. Because of mobility and availability they are everywhere. Every computer user has one. Many users travel a lot and expose portable drives to various non standard conditions such as temperatures, static electricity, bumps. All this has effect on […]

Server NAS RAID recovery services

Variety of NAS RAID server challenges are faced by QUBEX data recovery engineers regularly. More RAID arrays utilized everywhere, not just by corporate IT departments, but by regular home users. Many come in different flavors. Most often seen configurations are Stripe RAID, Mirror RAID, JBOD, 1E Offset, 1E Adjacent, RAID 4, 5, 5E, 5EE, 6, 6 […]

Flash Drive, Memory card data recovery

  Flash drive memory or Camera memory cards are widely used in modern electronics – in your cellphone, in your camera, in video registrators. Basically anywhere you look, there always will be the need for flash storage. Its cheap, its small, its fast. Like anything else in this world flash memory cards and flash drives […]


Magnetic Backup Tapes and Magneto-Optical data storage and backup media was widely used in the past. Many corporations and small businesses used tape backup for storing and archiving their critical data. With time, technology has developed to a faster and better backup solutions for daily usage. There are some companies that utilize modern tape backups, […]

Seagate HDD data recovery

 Seagate HDD data recovery example. This Seagate hard drive came for data recovery and evaluation. It was pulled out of an external enclosure that was dropped by accident. Seagate 7200.12 series. This is very common problem with external hard drives. Damages we see are so severe that it would be impossible to recover data from […]

Apple Iphone data recovery

Apple iphone data recovery can be tricky and expensive, especially if damages are severe. There are few major type of damages that we see: #1 – WATER or LIQUID DAMAGE. Phones are dropped in the pools, tubs, drinks are spilled on them etc. It is imperative to understand that TIMING is very critical in this […]

Android Phone data recovery damaged Apple iPhones and tablet devices

 Android phone data recovery example. Everyone uses a #cellphone, its always with us, we snap pictures or record videos of our loved ones, events or just making notes to ourselves or anyone out there. All this valuable data can be lost, if your phone gets stolen or damaged in one way or another – but […]

HDD Reading heads VS vinyl needle, common damage and data storage evolution

HDD Reading heads and vinyl player head. Cool comparison of how technology evolved. One picture shows a#vinylplate reading #needle that reads info (audio track) off vinyl plate, This one is actually touching surface and amplifies and then transforms needle vibrations in to a sounds and another one is a modern hard disk drive#magnetichead that flies […]

Liquid Damaged Computers

Last week we got a liquid damaged #SAMSUNG #laptop #RV508(NP-RV508) with a liquid spill on it, beer actually, which died and client needed data recovery service. Laptop had Western Digital 320GB SATA NOTEBOOK HARD DRIVE, MODEL#WD3200BPVT-35ZEST0 Scorpio Blue with controller 2061-771672-R04. This samsung laptop motherboard had multiple shorts and lots of corrosion signs on various spots, […]