Seagate HDD data recovery

damaged seagate hdd

Dropped Seagate hard drive with magnetic material scraped off by damaged heads

scratched drive platters in Seagate HDD

Dropped Seagate hard drive with magnetic material scraped off by damaged heads

seagate internal air particle filter

Seagate hard drive with dirty internal chamber filter

This Seagate hard drive came for data recovery and evaluation. It was pulled out of an external enclosure that was dropped by accident. This is very common problem with external hard drives. This type of damages are so severe that it would be impossible to recover data from this failed hard drive no matter who you deal with, even NSA (Wink) As it appears, drive was working (spindel and platters were rotating) while it was dropped. Gravity caused heads touch platter surfaces which created circular scratches, which have developed to a complete magnetic material scrape off… While majority of modern drives do have free fall sensors and drive firmware will attempt to park heads immediately once freefall was sensed, in many cases there is just not enough time for it to move heads away from platters to parking ramp. Result is on the picture. This actually could of have been less severe if drive was not turned on after the drop! Do NOT turn on your drive after you have dropped it, you may end up in situation when data recovery will not be possible! Have professional data recovery company evaluate it and dont attempt DIY at home recovery as repair related to hard drive internals has to be done in clean room or box, otherwise it will only cause more damage. Even a little dust particle on platter can cause severe damage, which will develop in to serious problem. Sadly, this Seagate hard drive is toast, no way to recover data from it.

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