Apple Iphone data recovery

Water damaged iphone 7 pcb

Apple iphone 7 liquid damage – all internals are corroded with obvious mineralization on PCB

water damaged iphone 7

Water damaged iphone 7 screen assembly and printed circuit board

Apple iphone data recovery can be tricky and expensive, especially if damages are severe. There are few major type of damages that we see:
#1 – WATER or LIQUID DAMAGE. Phones are dropped in the pools, tubs, drinks are spilled on them etc. It is imperative to understand that TIMING is very critical in this case. The longer you wait – the more problematic it will be to recover as PCB traces and solder joints may and will degrade to a point of no repair. In water damage case, your device will be revived to point that will allow us to recover your valuable photos, videos, contacts, texts and other stuff only, it will most likely wont be fixed to condition that allow it to be used on daily basis.

#2 – PHYSICAL or MECHANICAL damages. This category is second most often seen by our engineers. Broken or cracked screens, bent phone frame or body, disintegrated  to many parts phones, busted charging ports and so on. Timing is not critical in this case, but severity of damages is. If main board is cracked or any of main chips like RAM or CPU/GPU/Flash storage – this is critical. Evaluation will majority of problems and will help us to determine possibility for successful data recovery.

#3 – SOFTWARE glitches or OTA updates, IOS corruptions, failed “Jail breaking”. This is far more less often seen problems. Successful data recovery will depend on many factors related to IOS version, iCloud connection, iCloud security, FW revision and few other factors. All this will be properly evaluated first and decided if data recovery will be possible. This type of damages most likely will be repaired and you may be able to use your iphone after work will be completed. We will notify you about evaluation results before proceeding with recovery/repair.

#4 – ELECTRICAL damages. This may happen due to the use of improper chargers, bad contacts, damaged wires, overheat, drops, short circuits due to spills or component mechanical damages. Usually your data will be successfully recovered, unless FLASH or CPU/RAM/GPU will get fried. Proper evaluation is critical or more damages can be caused.

#5 – FIRE damage. This is on is really rare, but we did see some in the past. All will depend on severity and evaluation will reveal all possible outcomes including data recovery.

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