Vintage old hard drive data recovery is a process of moving or extracting valuable data from old HDD. From time to time, old laptops pop up and users want their data extracted for variety of reasons. Many times such laptops just will not power on or hard drives are dead. Other cases we had laptops […]

Server RAID, NAS data recovery

Server RAID, NAS setup is very common among small businesses and big companies. It also provides great data redundancy in terms of protection and data availability. IBM, HP, DELL, APPLE, SUN build quality server families for all kind of digital storage needs. All of them come with ability to have their hard drives set as […]

Portable HDD data recovery services

Portable drives are very popular. Small size, big capacity, no external power supply. Very convenient to carry. Because of mobility and availability they are everywhere. Every computer user has one. Many users travel a lot and expose portable drives to various non standard conditions such as temperatures, static electricity, bumps. All this has effect on […]

Seagate HDD data recovery

 Seagate HDD data recovery example. This Seagate hard drive came for data recovery and evaluation. It was pulled out of an external enclosure that was dropped by accident. Seagate 7200.12 series. This is very common problem with external hard drives. Damages we see are so severe that it would be impossible to recover data from […]