RAID Data Recovery Services

In this digital and online world, make sure that you protect your important information.

Businesses face a lot of loss just because of losing their important data. Don’t worry, Qubex Data Recovery is here to protect and recover your data.

We, at Qubex Data Recovery serve you with professional data recovery services in the Denver, Colorado area and other states as well. We serve private parties as well as companies.


QUBEX engineers are capable of performing the following operations:

  1. RAID array Data Recovery Services
  2. SSD Data Recovery Services
  3. NAS, SAN, DAS Data Recovery Services
  4. Virtual Server Data Recovery Services
  5. Head Actuator Exchanges
  6. Platters Cleanup and Swap
  7. Electronic board (PCB) repairs
  8. Stuck Head or Spindle services
  9. Password and Encryption
  10. Firmware Repair


Here is why you should choose us:

All our engineers perform all work orders and no mediators are involved. All your data is safe with us, the drive stays in our office while we work on it. Visit our website to book your slot!


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