Phone data recovery damaged phones and tablet devices

Everyone of us nowadays uses a #cellphone, its always with us, we snap pictures or record videos of our loved ones, events or just making notes to ourselves or anyone out there. All this valuable data can be lost, if your phone gets stolen or damaged in one way or another – but we can recover data!

We have seen a good number of phones that had liquid damages – were either accidentally dropped in a swimming pool, river or just a sink while doing dishes. Others had software corruption or electrical damages. It is also very common when software corruption occurred by either doing OS update, “rooting” or “jailbreaking” it.  Some phones come in with physical damages or even completely #disintegrated. In majority of cases our data recovery engineers will be able to recover your valuable photos, videos, text messages, contacts, emails etc., but there will be times when it will not be physically possible. It will all depend on severity of damages. This phone has slipped from the car window on busy intersection and was there for good few hours before owner was able to locate it and retrieve. However, after retrieval, as you may see it was physically damaged to a point that it would not be possible to even turn it on or off. They brought it to QUBEX and we were able to revive it to a point that would allow us to recover important data from this big mess. We offer professional data recovery services for all kinds of phones be it an #ANDROID, APPLE #IOS, #BLACKBERRY or #WINDOWS phone.

If you have similar situation and looking to get your data recovered from damaged phone – give us a call at 720-319-7239 we will be happy to help you!

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